Berlin and its residents worship the arts, and the city which is modern, developed and sophisticated has innumerable palaces, museums, exhibition halls and gardens. Many festivals are organized in Berlin and the city always has a creative atmosphere. Berlin’s treasures from the past and the present wait to charm you that is why you should book now a flight.

How to get there

There are direct flights from Greece, leaving from Athens, Thessaloniki, Heraklion and Corfu. From Cyprus there are also direct flights from Larnaca, the service is operated by AirBerlin. The airlines that carry out direct flights to Berlin are Aegean, EasyJet, Lufthansa, AirBerlin and EuroCypria, more specifically:

Athens – Berlin:

EasyJet (direct flights)

Aegean (direct flights)

Lufthansa (direct flights)

Thessaloniki – Berlin:

EasyJet (direct flights)

Aegean (via Athens)

AirBerlin (via Athens)

Heraklion – Berlin:

EasyJet (direct flights)

Aegean (via Athens)

Cyprus (Larnaca) – Berlin:

AirBerlin (direct flights)

Aegean (via Athens)

EuroCypria (via Leipzig)

All the above airlines are landed at the two major airport of Berlin Schoenefeld and Τegel  (more information below). When making plans for a holiday trip to Berlin it is better to make a reservation as soon as possible in order to find cheaper air tickets. Many airlines promote cheap flights and announce special air ticket offers for reservations made 1 or 2 months prior the departure.

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Berlin has two airports,
Schoenefeld airport and Tegel airport which serve thousands of people daily. The Schoenefeld airport is becoming the central airport of the European capital. Both airports offer excellent services to the visitors and the travellers and have in their premises shops, restaurants, travel agencies and of course ticket desks for air tickets.

Schoenefeld Airport
Schoenefeld airport is located just a few kilometers from central Berlin and it has an excellent transportation system for an easy and comfortable transfer from the airport to the centre of the city.


Schoenefeld has 4 terminals from where the train station is 5 minutes on foot. If you do not wish to walk, you can catch the airport bus and transfer to the train station. The airport bus departs every 10 minutes from 06:00 to 22:00. 

Airport Express RE4 and RE5 depart from the airport from 05:00 to 23:00 and their terminal station is Hauptbahnhof. The journey lasts 30 minutes.

S-Bahn lines (suburban railway) S45 and S9 depart from the airport every 10 minutes. The tickets for Zones A and B cost €2.10, whereas for Zones A, B and C cost € 2.80 and are valid for 2 hours for one trip and they can be purchased from the ticket dispensers.


There are many buses that depart from Berlin’s airport. These buses make a stop outside the airport’s terminals and have frequent schedules.

Line 162 terminates at S Adlershof, the journey lasts 20 minutes (from 04:12 to 23:42) and there are 4 schedules every hour.

Line 171 terminates at U Hermannplatz (from 05:21 to 00:00), the journey lasts 1 hour and there are 3-6 schedules every hour.

A few more buses that Berlin is their final destinations are lines Χ7, 163, 734 and 736.

The night bus Ν60 terminates at S Adlershof, the journey lasts 20 minutes and there are schedules from 00:17 to 03:47 at 17 minutes and again at 47 minutes.

The night bus Ν71 terminates at U Rudow and there are schedules from 00:30 to 04:30.

Most lines facilitate all the airport’s terminals.

The tickets for Zones A and B cost €2.10, whereas for Zones A, B and C cost € 2.80 and are valid for 2 hours for one trip and they can be purchased from the ticket dispensers.   


The journey from Schoenefeld to the centre of Berlin lasts 35-40 minutes depending of course on the traffic and it can cost € 23 or more.

Tegel Airport

Tegel airport is located 8 kilometres northwest from the center of Berlin. Tegel will stop operating in 2012 when the new airport of Berlin (Brandenburg) begins to operate. The itineraries of the means of transport from the airport to Berlin are regular and the journey lasts roughly 20-25 minutes.


Buses operate from 05:00 until midnight. The tickets cost €2.10 for Zones A and B, whereas for Zones A, B and C cost € 2.80.     

Jet Express TXL buses have services to Berlin and the journey is fast and comfortable because the buses do not make many stops. The TXL buses have routes from the airport to Prenzlauer Berg and the journey lasts 40 minutes. It makes in-between stops at Hauptbahnhof station (20 minutes), at Unter den Linden (30 minutes), and at Alexander Platz (35 minutes).

The X9 has a route from the airport to Zoologischer Garten station and the journey lasts 20 minutes.

There are of course the regular lines 109 and 128 that also depart from the airport to Berlin.


If you take a taxi from the Tegel airport to Berlin the journey will last 20-25 minutes and it will cost more or less €15-20.


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