Stelios Hatzioannou, a Greek-Cypriot businessman, understood the beat of the market and went ahead with the creation of a low cost airline that targeted the wide air passengers who preferred to travel with less comfort but also with less money.

Easyjet, with a Greek scent and headquarters at the airport of Luton in London, is one of the cheapest solutions for passengers. Although it is a new airline with only fifteen years since its establishment, it dynamically shows its present to the two hundred and more destinations that it serves. Besides it is not a fortuitous event that during the last year approximately forty four million passengers chose to fly with the wings of Easyjet.

The airline makes daily special offers on flights in provocatively low prices, without of course making a discount in the safety rules which are strictly followed.  The tens of Airbus planes are known for their capacity and the fact that they are new. According to research in December 2009, the average age of planes did not exceed the 3,5 years. Finally EasyJet is one of the few airlines that offer special prices on air tickets even just before the flight.


Flight offers with EasyJet from: Athens to Berlin, Milan, London, Paris, Rome, Manchester. From Thessaloniki to Berlin, London, Milan, Dortmund, Basel. From Heraklion to London, Berlin, Bristol, Geneva, Manchester, Milan, Rome. From Larnaca to London. From Paphos to London, Bristol, Manchester. From Corfu to London, Berlin, Bristol, Manchester, Milan. From Santorini to London, Milan. From Mykonos to London, Paris, Rome, Milano

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