The country with the largest economy in Europe could not be absent from the game of millions that concerns the market of air tickets. Germany is a strong player with Lufthansa. Lufthansa was created in 1926 and it is now a member of the biggest alliance of air companies, Star Alliance. It also manages to impress with the spectacular number of passengers that choose it every year in order to travel in other parts of the planet.

With a well-trained fleet and with special offers that fascinate, Lufthansa knows how to make an impression. The passengers that have a Lufthansa air ticket know from the begging that they made the correct choice, because they will have comfort during their flight and the guarantee of the German safety. Before the flight the company through its web page shows the possible dangers and difficulties that can emerge and proposes solutions. For example it gives advice to businessmen and shows ways to passengers in order to avoid blocked ears.

Finally, the German company which is faithful to technology offers the opportunity to purchase tickets through the PayPal system, making it easier to the candidate buyers in order to meet their requirements with the special offers that the company has on air tickets and to save precious time.

Flight offers with Lufthansa from Athens and Thessaloniki to:
Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Munich, Stuttgart, Düsseldorf, Warsaw, Krakow, Moscow, Copenhagen, Oslo, Amsterdam, London, Paris, Prague, Budapest, New York, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Cape Town, Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, Mexico, Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Huston, Los Angeles, Miami, Caracas, Sao Paolo, Buenos Aires, Beijing, Seoul, Delhi, Jakarta, Tel Aviv, Amman.

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