Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo is a modern metropolis that bustles with life. It is a city filled with new buildings of modern architectural designs, commercial centres with shops and if you wander in its streets you will realize that it hides an important heritage. The city of Tokyo develops and evolves daily without forgetting its origin. The sights and the museums in Tokyo are many and visitors need many days to visit and admire them all. The temple of Senso- ji in the center of the city, the National Museum as well as Shibuya the famous commercial area with the innumerable shops distinguish in the city. Moreover Tokyo has many parks where you can relax in the nature, visit the various museums that are situated inside them, go bicycling and take countless photographs among the flowers. After an Asian cuisine dinner in one of the myriad restaurants of Tokyo you can enjoy your drink in a bar of the city and continue your evening at a club for dancing. Tokyo has many entertainment choices for all tastes and it is certainly a city full of monuments and history. You should not wait any longer to visit Tokyo, book now a cheap flight and travel to the beautiful capital of Japan.

How to get there

From Greece and Cyprus there are not direct flights to Tokyo, the best option is a connecting flight through a European or Asian capital. The airlines that carry out flights from Greece and Cyprus to Tokyo are: Qatar Airways, Alitalia, Air France, Egypt Air, Aeroflot, Turkish Airlines, KLM and Emirates more specifically:

Athens – Tokyo:

Qatar (via Doha)

Egypt Air (via Cairo)
Turkish Airlines (via Istanbul)
Alitalia (via Rome)
KLM (via Amsterdam)

Thessaloniki – Tokyo:

Lufthansa (via Frankfurt)

Swiss (via Zurich)

Alitalia (via Rome)

Larnaca (Cyprus) – Tokyo:

Aeroflot (via Moscow)

Egypt Air (via Cairo)

Emirates (via Dubai)

All the above airlines are landed at the International Narita Airport Tokyo (more information below). When making plans for a holiday trip to Tokyo it is better to make a reservation as soon as possible in order to find cheaper air tickets. Many airlines promote cheap flights and announce special air ticket offers for reservations made 1 or 2 months prior the departure.

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International Airport Narita (IATA: NRT, TYO)
Narita Airport is located 65 kilometres outside the city of Tokyo. The airport has numerous services and modern facilities to accommodate the travellers. In both of the airport’s terminals there are shops, duty-free items, banks, ATM machines, post offices, exchange offices , information desks , Wi Fi corners, business services, storage areas, Asian and European restaurants, cafeterias, bars, a clinic for medical care, playgrounds and of course ticket desks for flight reservations. The airport’s terminals are connected via a free of charge bus line that covers the distance between them in only a few minutes. Many means of public transportation depart from the airport to Tokyo.


The Narita Airport train station is situated in terminal 1 and at the Airport Terminal 2 is situated a second train station. Line JR Narita Express has a service from the airport to the center of Tokyo. The trains depart every 30 to 60 minutes and the journey lasts around 1 hour. The one way ticket costs 3000 Yen (28€).  Another line that terminates at the city centre is the JR Sobu, whose trains depart every 1 hour, the journey lasts 90 minutes and the ticket costs 1280 Yen (12€).  Moreover, the lines Keisei Skyliner and Keisei Limited Express have services to Tokyo. Their journeys last about 1 hour. Keise Skyliner has a train every 40 minutes and the ticket costs 1920 Yen (18€), whereas Keisei Limited Express costs 1000 Yen (10€) and has a train every 20 minutes. For train lines Keisei Skyliner and Keisei Limited Express passengers need to have a seat reservation. Tickets can be purchased from the ticket vending machines or at the airport’s kiosks.


The Airport Limousine bus line has services from the airport to various hotels in Tokyo. The journey last 90 minutes, depending of course on the traffic. The buses depart every 1 hour from 07:30 in the morning until 21:00 the evening. The ticket costs 3000 Yen (28€). The travellers can board the bus from both terminals.


Although it is not difficult to find a taxi outside the airport, it may not be one of the best choices because if there is traffic in the streets of Tokyo it can cost you a great deal of money. A journey from the airport to Tokyo can last 70 minutes and cost around 20.000 Yen (190€). The taxi drivers are very polite and the taxis are definitely a very comfortable way to travel if you are willing to pay.

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