Air France

Air France

Air France is another big company in the great family of aviation. It was once the government owned carrier of France, but now it is an affiliate company of Air France-KLM. Air France with many decades of experience and destinations in more than 100 countries is undoubtedly a master in the game.

The success of this company stands in the offer of air travels via a modern and big in capacity fleet with an age that does not exceed on average the 10 years. The offer of air tickets for first and business class is quite remarkable since it really has high specifications that cover the needs and the demands of all customers. The high specifications begin from the anatomic seats up to the preparation of meals by rewarded chefs.

The passengers’ evaluation on the company moves in extremely satisfactory levels and this is actually the reason that the annual sales of air tickets are increasing.  Air France with its excellent service and with its song “Setting Fire to Sleepy Towns” which is heard before and after each flight is deservingly among the leading European air companies.

Flight offers with Air France from Athens and Thessaloniki to: Paris, Lyon, Nice, Monte Carlo, Strasbourg, Marseille, Toulouse, London, Dublin, Prague, New York, Toronto, Montreal, Buenos Aires, Chicago, Houston, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Boston, Tokyo, Sao Paolo, Oslo, Stockholm, Las Vegas, Mexico, Lima, Miami, Sidney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Hong Kong, , Bangkok, Singapore, Bali, Phuket, Johannesburg.

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