An important advantage for a company is the stability of its financial data and an indicative example is Swiss which was named “Flying Bank” due to its constant rising course during the first 70 years of its air travelling. Swiss is the derivative of a merger between two companies, Ad Astra Aero and Balair. This new company spread its wings in 1931.

Swiss has invested a lot in the offer of terrene services that befit with the developments of modern technology and the passengers’ needs. More specifically, it gives the chance to check the air ticket (check in) even via cell phone. Moreover there is a large variety of meals that satisfy all requirements with gourmet flavors. Finally, it must be noted that Swiss follows an environmental policy and decreases with suitable mechanic ways the creation of pollution. Swiss offers competitive prices and cheap air tickets from Athens to the entire world.

The comfort and luxury that the planes of Swiss offer justify that in the passengers’ lists you can find important personalities - from the political world and more – who with the purchase of an air ticket enjoy a few hours of relaxation and luxury. The economy class is also very popular because Swiss offers comparative comforts. Swiss often announces special prices and offers in air tickets for popular destinations in Europe and the entire world.

Zurich, Nuremberg, Dublin, Geneva, Barcelona, Valencia, Madrid, Hamburg, Amsterdam, London, New York, Tokyo, Sidney, Melbourne, Beijing, Chicago, Los Angeles, Dubai, Shanghai, Nairobi, Montreal, Boston, Budapest, Vienna, Warsaw, Berlin, Oslo, Moscow, Paris, Stockholm, Prague.

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