Qantas Airline, with the nickname “Flying Kangaroo” and the kangaroo symbol, spread its wings in 1920 with headquarters in Sydney, Australia. The company carries out flights to the entire world with more than two hundred planes that offer safety as well as comfort for which the airline is famous, since it offers individual bathrooms, photocopiers and recreation areas.

Qantas enjoys the wide acceptance of the businessmen that travel all around the world and want to spend a few hours of relaxation in the plane before their heavy program. Therefore the administration of the airline offers travel packages mostly to businessmen that have offers on flights from Australia to all the corners of the world and vice versa. The sales of these special tickets are evidential because they have skyrocketed in the past few years.

However passengers from all categories can enjoy special offers and cheap air tickets, because with a combination of purchases from specific gas stations they can receive a big discount on Qantas air tickets.

Flight offers with Qantas from Athens, Thessaloniki and Larnaca to Sydney, Canberra, , Darwin, Brisbane, Adelaide, Melbourne, Perth, Auckland, Wellington, Johannesburg, Hong Kong, Sanghai, Tokyo, Mumbai, Jakarta, Manila, Singapore, Bankgkok.

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