Iberia is an air company with many decades of experience. The Spanish company profits from the market of air tickets. The company with the largest number in flights from and to Spain confirmed a future merger with the British airlines, British Airways, in order to create a group of companies that will launch the three biggest of the world.

The company’s fleet consists mainly of Airbus type planes that are actually the only means of service for the passengers, with main destinations to all the corners of Europe and of course the entire world. In order to offer better air services the company promotes the upgrade of economy seats and the re-definition of specifications for business seats.

The Spanish airlines, Iberia, in order to facilitate passengers it urges them to buy their air tickets through its website and at the same time to benefit from the direct boarding pass with one hand luggage, decreasing considerably the time of waiting. Finally, at intervals, the company offers air tickets at excellent prices, which become a pole of attraction for many candidate customers, who actually contributed for another profitable year for Iberia.

Flight offers with Iberia from Athens and Thessaloniki to: Madrid, Barcelona, Majorca, Ibiza, Valencia, Bilbao, Lisbon, Seville, Malaga, Tenerife, Grand Canarias, Porto, Boston, Mexico, Buenos, Aires, Bogota, Montevideo, Casablanca, Dakar, Marrakesh, Johannesburg, New York, Washington, Guatemala, Havana, Lima, Kyoto, Sao Paolo, Santiago, Rio de Janeiro, Miami, San Francisco.

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