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Cyprus Airways

Cyprus Airways with teachings of experience from the European and the Middle Eastern history and with the famous Cypriot hospitality gains a significant share in the market air ticket sales. The symbol of Cyprus Airlines is the native mouflon, (a representative animal in Cyprus) along with the tones of yellow and blue.

The passengers of Cyprus Airways confirm, that the company which travels to approximately 30 destinations in Europe and the Far East with Airbus planes, has a British precision and offers a Mediterranean hospitality. Cyprus Airways is trying to attract candidate customers and it presents special offers depending on the age and number of individuals that choose to reserve their tickets electronically. Moreover with the purchase of air tickets from the company’s website, the passengers benefit from the offers on complete holiday packages for all tastes and budgets.

Cyprus Airways pays a great deal of attention in the transport of goods and understands the businessmen’s lack of free time so it provides the option for a simple, electronic and safe procedure. Finally the company advances in making strategic alliances in order to support passengers who wish to travel around the world.

Flight offers with Cyprus Airways from Athens and Thessaloniki to: Larnaca, Paphos, Cairo, Bahrain, Tel Aviv, Amman, Beirut, Damascus, Dubai, Vienna, Brussels, Sofia, Frankfurt, Rhodes, Heraklion, Milan, Rome, Amsterdam, Moscow, Zurich, London, Birmingham, Manchester.

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