British Airways

British Airways

British Airways which is the biggest government owned carrier of the United Kingdom has put its own border stone to the history of aviation. British Airways is actually the derivative of a merger between two big air companies which took place when the low competition and the high demand of air services in the 1970s favoured the company in order to develop.

The legendary air company while following the developments became one of the first that offered flat beds and first class cabins for overseas travels and demanding customers. British Airways benefits from a big share in the market, since it has a fleet that many companies would be jealous of and with terrene services that distinguish for their high specifications.

The old aviation lady with 75 years of experience started as a simple Limited Liability Company and became a big player, with sales that exceed the 30.000.000 air tickets yearly. British Airways found a solution during the world financial crisis by going ahead with a merger with Iberia a Spanish Air Company. This is something that will interest passengers who are waiting for new special offers on air tickets.

Flight offers with British Airways from Athens and Thessaloniki to:
London, Manchester, Belfast, Edinburgh, Dublin, Prague, New York, Toronto, Buenos Aires, Tokyo, Sao Paolo, Oslo, Stockholm, Hamburg, Riga, Copenhagen, Helsinki, Las Vegas, Mexiko, Lima, Miami, Sidney, Melbourne, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Singapore, Bali, Johannesburg.

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